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I am Adrian Day, and this is Adrian Day's Global Analyst, a premium advisory service distributed exclusively by e-mail. I've been in the business of helping investors manage their hard-earned money, scouring the world for reputable companies, for more than 25 years.  

If you are a subscriber to our newsletter, welcome — and enter the Global Analyst world of global, value investing. (You can log in using the menu bar above or to the left.) 

If you are browsing for a fresh take on global investing, and you have a moment, I would like to share a thought or two with you. 

Those of you who know my career, my published works and my track record also know that there is some truth in seizing the moment in this wide world of global investing. I am not bashful about showing you the winners that have helped my dedicated band of Global Analyst followers achieve average annual returns of 20 percent. Nor do I hide my losers—not many of them, thankfully. (See "Track Record" to the left.)

I have rarely seen a better time than now to purchase several—not 30 or 40, mind you—but just a few, carefully chosen international mining and energy companies' shares. I have never seen a better time to search for finance companies and other opportunities across Asia, including Singapore and some of the smaller countries. 

Had you put just $1,000 into favorite Virginia Gold when I recommended it--or pretty much any time over the next 18 months--you would now have well over $22,000 in cash and stock--enough to pay for your subscription for over 45 years!  Is Global Analyst worth it? You bet it is!

I believe very much in focused investing--careful selection of potential big winners that we like to hold a long time. Over the years,  this has paid handsome dividends, as early investors in Franco Nevada, one of the top-performing gold stocks of all time; with Gladstone Capital, which has repaid our original investment in dividends...and keeps on paying a 10.7% yield; in Telefonos de Mexico, which we purchased for just pennies and which returned us almost 10,000%.

Had you put just $3,000 into American Capital Strategies when I recommended it, your annual dividends alone would more than pay for your subscription every year, while your shares would have more than doubled in value. Is Global Analyst worth it? You bet it is!

Did you know that of the 22 “Current Recommendations” at Global Analyst, 15 are members of our “100% Club” (securities that have doubled since our recommendation)? I am confident the “100% Club” will expand its roster. Higher energy and precious metals prices will benefit the “club.” 

I am putting finishing touches on a couple of new purchases, in non-USA markets such as Japan and Hong Kong. Our current holdings (available only to subscribers) probably explain best why our global approach is working so well. It's a meticulous, and concentrated, list of overlooked blue-chips, of freshly scrubbed small-caps, and of rapidly growing enterprises, among the fastest growers in the world. It's an eclectic group, including companies involved in natural resources (including uranium and nickel as well as gold and oil & gas), business lending, royalties, and more.

But I will tell you this. When you join this dedicated group of subscribers, your way of viewing the investment world will change forever. For those of you browsing for a newsletter that will keep you both level headed and briefed on our carefully chosen and concentrated group of investments, I invite you to peruse a sample issue or two of Adrian Day's Global Analyst.

When you feel ready, here's the proposition. We are now offering new subscribers a special discount. Instead of Global Analyst's standard $990 price, we'll offer it to you for $490 for one year or $440 per year when you select auto renew. The auto renew price is good for as long as you remain a subscriber. If you decide that it is not for you after 60 days, we'll refund all of your subscription money. Track our recommendations, review our holdings and listen to my weekly telephone hotline updates (for subscribers; you'll receive the number when you log in, see "Investor Resources"). We're looking for a handful of loyal subscribers, the ones who understand the very real rewards of patience, hard work and clear thinking. I hope you can join me in seizing this opportunity as I search the globe for solid investment prospects.


Adrian Day

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